Jacque Maribe hugs Itumbi in court
Jacque Maribe hugs Itumbi in court

Dennis Itumbi has been one of the people who has consistently been in Jacque Maribe’s corner since she became a murder suspect in the death of Monica Kimani.

Monica Kimani
The late Monica Kimani

He has posted a lot of supportive messages for a woman he has known for some time and has romantically been linked with. He has also visited her when she has been at police cells, at remand and also in court.

That he cares about her is hard to refute, although one can find cynical reasons for his support if you were to look hard enough.

Dennis Itumbi greets Jowie
Dennis Itumbi greets Jowie in court

So what has happened now that concerns the former State House operative? He is now defending another man who has been linked with Maribe. Who? Eric Omondi.

Regret ya deadbeat? What are the reasons Eric Omondi posted an image of Jacque Maribe’s son?

Why? After Eric posted an image of Jacque’s son viewing an image of his mother, critics came out to attack him, with the overwhelming view being that he was doing it for publicity. Don’t forget that Eric is the rumoured father of the boy.

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe's son
The photo in question

But Dennis has a different view and defended Eric when he spoke to Word Is. He said:

Eric Omondi is an adult and what people say on social media cannot change his friendship with anyone. If he has expressed his friendship towards Jacque Maribe just like me and many others, it doesn’t matter what you write on social media, we will continue being friends. I cannot comment on whether he is the baby daddy or not, but I’m sure Jacque at the appropriate time will address the issue.

Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe
With Eric Omondi in a file photo

Haya Dennis amesema?

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