Dennis Itumbi

Dennis Itumbi, Jacque Maribe’s close friend has finally broken his silence after Jowie was arrested.

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The Secretary Digital Innovations and Diaspora Communications personnel took to Twitter, to break his silence with a quote, ending his long-awaited reaction.

You cannot misquote Silence. You can only write excellent poems in its presence…

The post ignited mixed reactions with many sympathizing with him and others lashing out at the couple.

In another post, he wrote:

Haiya on @Twitter, you can actually misquote Silence!

Check out the screenshots;

DSennis Itumbi


Dennis Itumbi


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Dennis Itumbi went ahead to share another post which read:

“I have noted many kind words relating to the input of the great team at PSCU.

I appreciate, it is always good to read feedback both positive and negative that is how we grow and witness the beautiful act of excellence.

However, let me say this, we should always give people time to execute their vision, you never know, they may just shock you with their strategy, they may be slow but effective.

Most importantly, institutions must be allowed to outlive individuals. Watu wa mkono kama sisi, should never be a discussion that outshines an institution. Institutions must outlive individuals, however good they are.

Individuals come and go, but institutions live long after our compulsory exit at some point.

But we shall continue to serve until the day of exit comes.

Create Digital institutions wherever you are. They will be here long after your personal accounts have exited the stage.”