Dennis Itumbi and jacque Maribe

A Nairobi woman has gone to court to compel Dennis Itumbi to pay her child support.

The woman who has a baby girl sired by Itumbi has through her lawyer Enricah Dulo, argued that Itumbi deserted the child from birth and has blocked her thus cannot communicate with him.

In addition to all that she had to stop working before giving birth to the baby.

The woman claims that she was in a relationship with Itumbi between January and August last year before the relationship abruptly ended.

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Dennis Itumbi
Dennis Itumbi

“He ended the relationship in August 2018 when the lady informed him that she was pregnant with his child. She successfully delivered a baby girl on June 14, this year,” lawyer Dulo said.

The lawyer said, “She is seeking Sh50,000 monthly subsistence allowance for the minor to cater for food, clothing, medicine and house help salary,” lawyer Dulo said in court papers.

The Nairobi woman also wants Itumbi to provide a copy of his national identity card so that his name can be included in the minor’s birth certificate.

She has also generously said that Itumbi will be granted reasonable access to the child, however, she will be granted actual and legal custody of the minor.

The woman claims that she unsuccessfully tried to engage Mr Itumbi to provide maintenance for the minor but he refused to attend mediation meetings.

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She claims that he also exhibited cruelty by trying to convince her to abort the pregnancy when he discovered that she was pregnant.

The woman’s lawyer added, “Itumbi has since blocked her and she is unable to engage with him on any meaningful communication in regard to the welfare of the minor.”

The case will be heard on September 26.

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