Betty, Joho and Okari
Betty, Joho and Okari

Denis Okari ought to know his name will never be too far behind whenever his estranged wife (they are not yet divorced) is mentioned and especially now that The Nairobian decided to run a story about how and why she was dumped by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

Shout out to the Princess of Petty Cheptoek Boyo who took it upon herself to betray her former colleague. interestingly, Betty Kyallo has moved to the very same company Chepotek sorry… The Princess of Petty used to work for: MediaMax.

And she did such an in-depth story that she mentioned Denis Okari as the link between Joho and Betty Kyallo. The NTV personality would visit Hassan joho whom he thought he could trust with his then fiance and travel to other counties in Coast Province.


Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari
With her former hubby Dennis Okari

Love blossomed between them and the rest, as they say, is history. Betty Kyallo is said to have been so confident in the destiny of her newfound love that she left her matrimonial home “without so much as a rusty spoon”.

Governor Joho

That has since changed as she took Denis Okari to task over child support for their daughter. Yep. She decided she needed that child support afterall. We reached out to Denis for a comment on the entire affair. One would think he would be relieved that after being vilified in Betty Kyallo’s interview that she did with true love, he would be feeling relieved. One would think he would have a sense of schadenfreude about him. One would think he would feel avenged by the gods of love.

Make no mistake about it, when the entire saga unfolded, Denis was a broken shell of a man. Well, that is if you believe the whispers of those close to him. He sunk into a depression of sorts buts found God. He dove deeper into spirituality and church.

We called him for a comment. I say we because this was a team effort. he refused to pick my call but picked my colleagues. As always, Okari was the consummate gentleman about all this. This is what he had to say about the entire affair: