Jane Demathew, Daughter to the late mugithi maestro John DeMathew, has said she plans on continuing his legacy and take Kikuyu music international.

Speaking during an interview with Diaspora TV she said

‘Growing up I knew he was an artist because of how people would constantly call his name.

My desire is to sing not only locally but also internationally. This is because I know my dad had desires and expectations and I want to reach there.’

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Like her father, Jane has also settled for secular but with teachings like what her father did.

‘I started singing in 2012 with a gospel song but I later realized that I could also write secular songs as well.

I am more talented in writing secular songs. 

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Asked on whether she stopped singing gospel because she was not getting as much limelight, Jane stated that was never the reason.

‘We were brought up in church despite him not singing gospel songs. But I am more comfortable and talented in creating secular.

That does not mean I am not a christian,because my songs are majorly meant to educate people.’


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