Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat seems to be the talk of the town ever since he broke up with his rapper ex-girlfriend, Kush Tracey, back in June 2016.

The Inaweza hitmaker had been dating the female rapper for months and the two had even worked on a collaboration together, dubbed Ndulu just a month before they broke up.

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When the two called it quits and went their different directions, Timmy Tdat has been linked to a lot of women in the industry, from an upcoming singer called Faith Ngugi, to the mellow-voiced female artiste, Dela.

Also on the list a while back was Vivian, popularly known for her hit song Charm.

So far, the speculation of a love affair with Dela has been the most-talked about so far, with the two celebrities fuelling the allegations over the last few weeks after posting videos and photos together. This was after they were spotted hanging out.

When Timmy was asked whether he was romantically involved with Dela, he refuted the claims, saying that they are just close friends and that she was actually teaching him how to sing! (Laughs out loud).

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But before Dela, Timmy was rumoured to be dating stunning songstress, Vivian, who is currently riding high with her collaboration with Ugandan music legend, Jose Chameleone.

Back in August 2016, there were speculations that love could be brewing between Vivian and Timmy after they were spotted getting cozy. It even looked more like feelings were involved and they were more than just friends or fellow artistes.

Vivian and the top rapper even attended several events together, with the hot lass sharing a video with Timmy on her social media. This move made fans speculate that there was something going on between them.

So, what is the truth about their closeness? Are they really dating, working on new music, close friends or just two artistes who met in the industry through the love of music? We only ask because Timmy actually included Vivian in his new song Trikide.

Several blogs have gone on to insinuate that Vivian is indeed having a thing with Timmy Tdat, but the elegant singer has decided enough is enough and decided to clear the air on the matter.

I talked to Vivian about the whole saga and asked her if they really are in a secret relationship or if these are just mere speculations.

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Vivian did not hesitate to comment on the issue, revealing that she’s not involved with the popular rapper.

The talented ass said that she was shocked by the dating rumors, adding that Timmy Tdat is not her type of man and she doesn’t understand why anyone would link her to him.

Meanwhile, Timmy also refuted the claims, saying that his better half was pissed off by the rumors. We wonder, who this better half is exactly…Could he be talking about Dela?

Anyways, listen to the short audio below and find out if Timmy Tdat has ever made any moves on Vivian and more juicy details;