Fitness Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant Frankie Kiarie has confirmed that he and his wife Maureen Waititu are no longer together.

Maureen is a commercial model and entrepreneur with a successful hair business.

Taking to his social media to break the silence Frank said,

Good morning guys! Just want to address a few things. There has been rumors and speculations which we tried to ignore but It’s getting out of hand.

Mau (Maureen) and I had our differences and decided to go our separate ways.

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Frankie and his wife Maureen Waititu in a past photo

Not every woman that I talk to, work with or post is in a relationship with me. Kindly let’s be mature about this.


He added that it’s high time people understood that the negative things they keep writing is affecting them as a brand and as a family.

The point of this is to let you know that people might say something to be funny Of relevant on twitter & Instagram but someone’s day to day life is being affecTed.

We are not in a good place yet, I’ve known Mau 6 years and loved her every one of those Years.

That kind of love doesn’t fade.

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Maureen Waititu ,Frankie

Sometimes things just don’t happen the way you expect them to.

Our main focus is the kids and creating a health environment for them. Extended us that courtesy.

Frankie, who has in the past been assumed to be dating Natalie Tewa added.

This story is too far fetched. 


The couple was famous for their YouTube channel, Alphabeta, where they talk all things parenting and relationships.

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