Being the start of December, it is the official holiday month, plus all the public holidays that include Jamhuri day, Christmas and welcoming the new year.

Well, Kiss FM presenters Jalang’o and Kamene are advising slay queens to stay away, as it is also the official family month, where the man spends time with his wife and kids

“Those who are in illegal relationships please stop. These are people in relationships with people who are in serious relationships. This is family time, we will talk with you in January. Let these people bond with their families” Jalas said


“This is time for you to meet other people, and single people that is and wachana na za wenyewe. It is time to reflect on yourself and see how 2021 will be.”

kamene went on to tell slay queens the hard truth, that they will reunite with the man mid next year

“There is a girldem who has not woken up to good morning text anakula tu blue ticks. That chic should’ve known yesterday mod night was the deadline.”

 “I am just being honest that when December give people a chance to be with their family. Let them enjoy their time and let the old man go back to his wife. He will get back to you past January after children have gone back to school na school fees imelipwa.”

They said this on ‘The Morning Kiss’ on Kiss FM.