Kenyans on Twitter aren’t happy with Gengetone artistes. They have criticised the artistes, the likes of Boondocks, Ochunglo, Sailors, Ethic… for promoting rape and violence against women.

A section of Kenyans claim Gengetone won’t survive this year after making its way in the industry last year.

Songs such as Wabebe, Zimenishika, Kaa na mama yako, Wainame, and Lamba Lolo promote rape culture and hedonism.

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The debate on whether Gengetone will survive or not has ignited mixed reactions online and below are the reactions;

Arthur Gichuhi Kenyans are a funny lot, you don’t want to promote the Ghetto music from Kenya, cause its serial and promotes drug use, but when Chris Brown sings about pussy our the Migos about gangs and drugs, y’all don’t seem to complain, or is it because its in English?

Joe Birech #Gengetone in 2019 was just like #OdiDance in late 2017/early 2018. The ONLY and MAIN beneficiary is Magix Enga and other producer(s) that hooked up in the game. In 2020, we will have yet another “wave” to promote the “Ghetto life” so “they” can sell more drugs and a false dream.

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Mockiingbird We can’t listen to same topic daily after one week we will get bored.These music videos u can’t even watch in public very disgusting it will drag our youth to mediocrity.think of long term things that will be appreciated globally.there are many topics beside sex ,drugs

Clemoh pr Only Zzero Sufuri, Reckless, Miracle baby have proven that they can think beyond SEX… DRUGS..PUNYETO ETC…HAO WENGINE ASANTENI KWA KUJA HOPE MLIKUWA MNASAVE PESA 2019

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Bulumacelo Gengetone saved us from colonization ya Nigerian songs, they simply revived our Kenyanhood……sio kuimba Joro na huelewi any! #Gengetone

Kamene Goro We need to stop looking down on the people who are doing the most to get to the top. #KameneAndKibe #Gengetone

Jacky Wambui I guess the #gengetone vibe won’t be the same as 2019 but those boys created their own employment with their nasty content in this hopeless country

Victor most of these gengetone music is always about sexually molesting women even if the language is coded.

Rongoei These are youths born 2000-2004. They know nothing about culture,morals and everything. Bangi imeharibu vijana.#Gengetone

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Alex T Gengetone artists should use their music to depict evils in the society but they’re so myopic & they’re just a bunch nincompoops who think every music should rhyme with sexual content for them to thrive! ..Think, Mobilize your content, Focus Zombies!

Frank Mtetezi On the other side i think there is few people who listens to this gengetone type of Music , it’s a seasonal thing which can’t last long, but the good thing about it is that our youths who does such kind of music can shift quickly to another version waimbe Kama T.Dat

Cedrick Wandera Let trash be called trash! All #gengetone talks about is Shada and sex nothing more.
I can’t deny the fact that the the beats are a combination of the tradition Kenyan beat and a kinda spiced up good vibe..but if only there could be sense in the message, #Gengetone would stay.

Ras Wawesh We will understand when some people just say they’ve aged and can’t listen to youthful jams. Gengetone is the new wave that’s gonna change the music industry, it’s not going to die as some of you are predicting. These ghetto youths are so talented.

Alaro Victor we are only calling out trash music. #gengetone

Media personality Mwalimu Rachel, who manages Sailors crew, has shared her two cents on the current Gengetone debate and in a tweet she said,

I have said this before and will repeat…the youth are curving a way for themselves.Gava has let them down, there’s almost no one guiding/mentoring them. #Gengetone is that avenue for them to speak out and earn some money. If judgement is all they get, they shall rebel.

She added;

Call out the artists who are supposed to guide and help the young artists to WRITE BETTER and all they are doing is beating them down because they know they’re on the way out! #Gengetone.

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