Kenya and the music industry has been robbed of one of the most talented singers and songwriters, Laety Laetitia aka Hera.

Laety has been MIA for a while but is remembered for her song with rapper Flexx dubbed Number Yako and Siwezi Mind featuring Kano Boyz.


The mellow-voiced singer passed away on June 1 but the cause of her death has not been revealed just yet.

Her family took to social media to announce the sad news, with a short post then shared lyrics to her latest song Alamo.

laety-6-e1496387308165Laety had just released a new song Alamo on April 25 which was in her native language, Dholuo, and this sorrowful news has come as a shock to her friends and fellow artistes.

laety-4Here are some of the lyrics from the song, which seem pretty spiritual.

Alamo- I pray
Alamo your well wherever you are
#Alamo that your steps be covered in bravery like King David
#Alamo that your journey be of great adventures.
#Alamo that your joys be multiplied like the sands of the sea
#Alamo that your sorrows be washed away by the drop of each tear.
#Alamo that like Daniel your enemy be muted.
#Alamo that Love and light lead your way. (Alamo-I Pray.)



Besides her musical career, Laety was a co-director, motivational speaker and management consultant at Women Of Wonder Kenya (WOW), management consultant at Redfellas International and a former motivational speaking/events manager at Sauti ya Ma-youth, according to her Facebook profile.

Condolences to the family and friends as they go through this tough time. Rest in Peace Laety.