A Kenyan man identified as Richard Wamugu Kuria lost his wife late last year to a complicated childbirth.

The grief stricken father of three is yet to come to terms with his wife’s death.

The widower penned a letter for his wife, Pauline and posted it on social media.

Read it below.

Dear Pauline, my sweetheart.

On 18 November 2019 a life was given and an angel got wings and flew to heaven. That angel is the love of my life. It’s exactly 6 months.

6 months that I would wish to scrap off my life never to be experienced even by my worst enemy. 6 months of sorrow, sadness, solitude and struggle to accept a reality of life.

The events of 18th Nov 2019 will forever be engraved in my life. The day I lost the most precious person I ever met in my tour of this world.

So precious that I swore to live by your side all your life. I still do even after you are gone, gone to a place I will come looking for you when God’s time is right.

How I pray that that time our babies will be big babies to understand that we are all born and we will all die one day.

At least by then they will have understood why you left earlier than us. Its only that you fulfilled your purpose in life and handed the mantle to your four favourite persons Shanice, Trevor, Samara and I.

Pauline Swiry, things are never the same again. I no longer look forward to going home. I no longer feel love. I hate as much as I love.

My heart is wounded, the man in me is broken. You died with a part of me. I can’t take that back because you also left a part of you in me.

That is what lives, that us what pushes me, your boychild, baba yao, Richie like you fondly used to call me. That part of you is so alive, it reminds me of your desires, your dreams, your love for our little family and more so your bubbly self.

It’s this part that makes me wake up, dress up and show up at work as determined as we used to (btw KCB family loved you and you are greatly missed). Its the you in me that keeps me smiling and strong. Strong for our babies and I.

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It’s this part of you in me that is helping me re discover myself. Thanks love for loving me this much and for this gift. I promise not to let you down.

I know u want to here some good things from my side. God has been faithful. Our baby Samara is 6 months today (see what you did to me, Samara’s birthday will always be your anniversary, will I be sad or happy????).

She has your beautiful hair, your dark complexion, your smile, your beautiful fingers, she so bubbly, her smile lights our lives, she is just you. (Did you just comeback as baby Samara, and just choose to be with me again? I will ask God this when my time comes).

She is loved just like you. Through her I have gotten new friends. Imagine I have never bought a diaper for her, your friends did, and her friends too. One still sends a packet of milk for her monthly.

Others want to come see her a second time, but corona has closed doors ata hand shake is in the history books now. Imagine washing hands, sanitizing and wearing a mask and still you gave to be a meter apart from any human being! It’s like a movie only that it’s in real life. You lived in the good old days swirie.

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Shanice is 5 already. Her understanding is on another level. She knows alot. She loves her brother and sister.

She will beat the sh*t out of you if you dont listen to bro and sister’s demands. She loves daddy and always steals my phone, scrolls to get a picture of you and sneak back to me to show me. We smile about it but deep down I cry and only wish she is not crying too. I told her you went to heaven and we will meet you there.

Please pray and watch over us my love. Please ask God to grant us the desires of our hearts, you know them better than even me.

Trevor is my champion. The boy in me. Funny, playful and a go getter. He loves his sisters. He is joining school next year. The bond with daddy is just amazing.

Last night he told me he ate chapis (I heard chapo only for Shanice to tell me its chips). He loves his bike, Daddy’s car is his not our jalopy the Mazda 1 but the one we were to get on your maternity leave. I call it Samara.

I think I will name everything Samara. Your friends Asha and Martha now ran Samara Beauty Parlour (its taking shape amid corona challenges).

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Pauline you had freinds, I just hope I have a quarter of such friends. Imagine your campus friends still checks on us. You were a beautiful soul darling. I pray that our girls just grows up to be you.

I can write a million words and still have more to say. I miss you Swiry. I’m trying my level best. Sometimes I fall but with you at heart I rise up and soldier on. I will not relent until I overcome. I will live mine and for you.

It’s well darling. Dance with the angels.

Yours forever in love,

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