Poverty has made women think that they have to get paid for them to be in a relationship. In this day and age no woman would dare look your way if you ain’t got the cash, it’s like they can smell a poor man from a distance.

We all love money, I mean who doesn’t? But women are obsessed about it and they would do absolutely anything to get it.

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You are drinking in a night club and you try talking to a girl, she will look at you then at what you are drinking, if it’s cheap liquor trust me she will ignore you.

Dating, especially in Nairobi, has become some business venture, without the money then women will avoid you like a plague.

This is why ‘sponsors’ are raking it in, they are loaded and they know girls’ obsession with chums, they just rub some of it in their faces and these money-starved women end up eating out of their palms.

A campus girl is living large, popping bottles, partying every weekend, vacations, road trips, expensive shoes, nice apartment with no job!

Other than politicians, there are very few parents who are willing to fund this kinda lifestyle so don’t try pulling out the parent card with me.

Broke men are at the end of all this charade, they can’t afford the lifestyle these young girls want.

I pity a broke man with a young smoking hot girlfriend, this one is always insecure.

Other men are always coming at her with trips, movie nights, and expensive gifts while you on the other hand is offering nothing except for sex and company.

There is a limit to how many times this girl will say NO, one day she will just say to hell with it and give in.

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Never date a broke girl with expensive taste, she will add more suffering to your already hard situation.

These are the type of girls who only want to date men with cars but her dad doesn’t even own a bike.

They will pressure you to take them on fancy dates, buy them expensive alcohol and everything nice but her folks at home have never even dreamed about that lifestyle.

Young girl, before you reject a man just because he doesn’t own a car, show us where you packed yours.

Do not be out here criticizing men for being stingy while you yourself can’t afford that lifestyle you are demanding. I suggest you walk your talk!

There is the breed of women who feel entitled your money once you start dating, to them your chums is also theirs. They sit around all day posting memes on WhatsApp then expect you to spend on them, it’s like you are paying them to smash you.

Now if I call you a whore am I wrong? Whores exchange money for sex right? Is it any different from what you are doing? If you want to have a rich lifestyle then why not work for it yourself instead of demanding money from men.

Life is funny if not fun, you go on Twitter and a lot of girls are tweeting of how they can’t and will never date broke men, they do all these while in their single rooms and bedsitters.

You can’t date a broke man but you yourself is the queen of the broke kingdom.

Most of these women who criticize broke men on social media can’t even afford to buy themselves alcohol. For them to get drunk they need a man to support that venture.

As a woman, how TF do you enter a club knowing too well you don’t have money to buy alcohol?

Most girls btw do this, all they carry is their phones and lipbalms and some carry condoms just ‘incase’ something happens.

If you know you can’t afford to buy yourself alcohol this weekend, just stay in the house and watch something.

There is no need of going to beg other men to do it. Some men are now mad because am driving away ‘customers’, it’s the bitter truth pill that we need to swallow.

I respect women a lot, most of my life I have been raised by women and that is why it pains me to see them degrading themselves like this.

But to be honest, this thing of always expecting money just because you are dating a guy is the most stupid form of entitlement.

If you wanna date someone do it for the right reasons and am not saying money is not the right one, in fact, it can be only if the two of you agree.

Ladies, a relationship is not a business, you are not working so stop pressurizing men to give you money. We can’t be paying taxes to the government and also paying you for relationships, we are dating. I have not employed you.

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