Rick Ross

The famous rapper Rick Ross is on his first tour in East Africa and we are super excited to see him perform for the first time in Kenya. The excitement is over the top, I mean this is THE BOSS, YOU NAH MEAN!

Well, Nairobi has pretty exciting activities. So Rozey, here are things you should definitely do before you leave the country.

Trust me. You will love every single one of them.

  1. You have to try our famous smokey pasua and mutura.
  2. Don’t leave the country without trying Mama Oliech’s fish and Kosewe’s delicacies
  3. Please create time and ride in on of matatus with your graffiti
  4. Visit the National Park and Giraffe Centre
  5. Please learn some lingo and make sure you understand what Lamba Lolo means
  6. Learn the famous Kenyan dance style, Odi Dance
  7. Nairobians love clubbin. Try out one of our clubs
  8. Changamkia nduthi ujue utamu wa kuhepa traffic

And lastly. Please do not use your phone while in traffic. You won’t even know how it will be snatched from your hand.

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