Have you ever broken up with a man you loved? How was the experience?

Are you among the drama queens who will do anything bad just to harm him because you’re no longer an item?

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Well, below are things you shouldn’t do to your lover whether your break is temporary or permanent.

  1. Calling other men

Never call another man when you’ve broken up with your man thinking he’s going to comfort you. Men are men and he might take advantage of you. Try and act maturely.

2. Opening up about his shortcomings to your friends

Whether he’s a one minute man in bed or poor at giving lamba lolo, please keep it to yourself. When all was rosy, you never talked ill of him, so please learn to keep secrets to yourself.

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3. Calling his mother

The worst mistake women make. Why call his mother to intervene in your relationship? Better call your pastor to counsel both of you.

4. Hanging out with his friends

Women can be evil. They will hook up with your male friends and even make out just to make you feel bad. Why would you revenge? In case he cheated on you, move on.

5. Insulting him

Never insult or abuse a man just because he dumped you or did something that led to your breakup. Such acts tell a lot about your personality. If he can’t respect you or your relationship doesn’t work, tembeza kiatu dada.

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6. Going to his workplace to cause havoc

Some women are crazy. They will do anything to hurt the guy including going to his workplace to cause havoc. Dear men, shun away from such drama queens. They’re not worth your life.

7. Posting photos on social media of you hanging out with random dudes. This just shows how cheap you are. Using other dudes to get back at your lover is being foolish.

8. Constantly calling or texting him

If you ever break up, take time before you communicate. Sit down, think about what you want in life and if he’s worth your time then call him for a meeting so that you can iron out your issues. But never call or text him immediately after a breakup, you will look desperate.

9. Don’t sleep around to get revenge

If you do such in the name of revenge then he doesn’t deserve you. Be mature, respect yourself and protect your dignity even if he was the one on the wrong. Sleeping around after a breakup shows you never appreciated your relationship.

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10. Don’t drunk dial him