Macharia Mwende

Mwende Macharia is one jolly lady when it comes to radio.

One thing we know about her but we do not talk much about it is J Blessing. The two have a son, whom she says is taken care of very well financially by his celebrity dad. So Mwende Macharia opened up about her relationship with J Blessing to Parents Magazine and here are the juicy details. One thing that needs to be made clear is probably that they were actually engaged. Yes contrary to the claims that she was just a baby mama.

Mwende Macharia and J Blessing dated for a while and were even set to walk down the aisle just after he met her parents in Diani. From the onset, the two were set to tie the knot but as fate would have it, they split up. Mwende did not really reveal the reason as to why they broke up but she defines it as fundamental issues.

So Mwende Macharia said that her baby daddy moved on to Chantelle but continued providing for their son Dreamy. She narrates that for the longest time, J Blessing couldn’t define their relationship.


They reunited later but this time round, things were not as good as they used to be. Mwende discovered she was pregnant but the love of her life had already moved on from their longtime commitment to Chantelle.

J Blessing debuted his new catch, Chantelle, at the Groove Awards and she said that was the wake-up call for her. That is when reality hit her hard!

Congratulations, It’s a baby girl! Avril’s gorgeous bundle of joy just arrived

Well, we are all aware that Avril is rumored to have a baby girl with the same J Blessing who is now on the third baby mama with no defined relationship. I don’t know how far her relationship is with J Blessing but she should think twice about this step.

Mwende Macharia had never pictured herself as a single mother, but well, she just had to play the role and be the best mother she could ever be for her son.

J Blessing and Chantelle fell out after the two lost their son.