Sponsor Culture
Sponsor Culture

Lets be honest for a minute, ‘Sponsorship’ has been happening even before social media existed and it will continue to do so. We all know someone who is a beneficiary of sponsorship money and even though we may talk ill of them, a part of us is envious that they are able to get money with little or no effort.

Sponsored people seem to live the glam life as evidenced in their social media pages. Designer clothing, new cars, champagne, VIP treatment, the best restaurants and travelling around the world… its hard not to admire the sponsored lifestyle from a distance.

But like in everything in life, there lies a dark side….. a side that has consistently come out to play for decades. A cycle fueled by human nature which consists of anger, jealousy, fear, selfishness and envy. A side that taps in to our hidden drives so strongly that we may resort to violence.

What are the risks involved when one is sponsored?

  1. Jealousy.
    “Jealousy involves three people”. If you have ever experienced jealousy especially when it comes to someone you love, then you know how intense it can get. Jealous feelings can override logic and have you thinking of ways to get rid of a threat. Jealousy will have you saying things like “What is wrong with this person? Don’t they know who I am?”. Jealousy coupled with an unhealthy ego is a recipe for disaster. If you are being sponsored by a person who has a family and they are not straightforward about your relationship with them, there is a high chance that jealousy may rear its ugly head. You are taking someone’s spouse from them and causing sleepless nights in a household. If they find you, their first instinct will be to get rid of their threat. Besides, you have interrupted their cycle of love and attention.
  2. Money control.
    If someone is financing your lifestyle, they tend to automatically go to ‘I control you mode’. Even worse is that we tend to feel indebted to people who give us stuff. Its just basic human nature. If someone abusive controls you with their resources, chances are that they are going to exploit it. If they know that you are willing to do whatever they want just to get your lifestyle sorted out, then they will test the limits and treat you in an inhumane way… if you are desperate, they will sense it by your actions. Imagine a person using you as a human experiment for their pleasure because they have control over you….
  3. Secrecy.
    Its pretty obvious that when a person makes money or has a lifestyle that they can’t justify, they resort to secrecy or vague excuses about their life. Don’t be surprised when a person you suspect to be living a sponsored lifestyle says stuff like “I work hard for my money” or “I have several business interests”. They are rightfully avoiding the pain and harsh judgment that comes to people who are being sponsored.
  4. Losing old friends.
    Like anything in life, whenever you make a drastic change from your norm then your social circle will change. Heck, some family members may even disown you. It’s a normal occurrence. Humans are naturally operational in groups which have norms and guiding principles. Any radical change by one member threatens the stability of a group. If you are intending to get in to the sponsored hustle, just know that you will probably have to start making new friends who share your interest.