Bongo beauty Wema Sepetu has revealed that her woes emanate from her failed relationship with the dead actor Stephen Kanumba.

Wema said all this in her App.

The former Miss Tanzania opened up about having procured several abortions during one of her interviews on her Wema APP.

In the narration, the first abortion was as a result of Wema and Kanumba agreeing to it. While the second one was done without the late actor’s consent.

The reason for both abortions is that fact that Wema felt that she was too young to have kids back then.

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Wema said in the interview,

“I feel like Kanumba cursed me. This is because he really wanted to see me, he would call every day two weeks before his death. We were to meet but we were super busy and could not. He called for like four times but we could not meet. We finally met at Bilcanas.”

wema sepetuShe continued,

“He told me I owe him, he told me I will not get babies with anyone else because he was the father of my babies. He told me I owe him two babies. This is because I had terminated two of his pregnancies. Every time we used to meet he would remind me that I owe him. I saw him on Wednesday and I heard he was dead on Thursday.”

After news of the abortion went viral, the late Kanumba’s mum spoke about the issue. She was not amused.

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Mama Kanumba expressed said,

“My hair is now turning grey and the least I would like if for Wema to come see me, so we can have a chat. The good thing is that she had admitted that she aborted my son’s children, truth is, this has hurt me to the core.”

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu

The emotional Mama Kanumba went on to add,

“I would really wish Wema came tp see me. She is different from [Elizabeth] Lulu. Whenever she sees me she is happy and bubbly. I really miss my son, Kanumba.”

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