Obinna Oga

Oga Obinna is known for his love of fine things and above all, the comedian has a soft spot for fine looking women.

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I can attest to that because recently, bumped into a hot lass on his Instagram page, who is apparently his workout mate. She goes by the name Olyv Stone on social media.

A quick reference to her bio shows that she is the winner of Maisha Plus East Africa Season 5 in 2016.

She is a fitness junkie and is good looking.

Obinna Oga7 years ago, he probably wouldn’t have imagined being a top entertainer, as he had not even planned to be a comedian.

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He was discovered by “Mshamba” back in the day, who gave him a chance. In an interview with Eve Woman in October 2017, the comedian opened up about his humble beginnings:

“At the time I was getting paid Sh200-500 for my performance, and those doing comedy were at getting Sh1,000, and I needed the money and so I became a comedian. From there, I joined the Kajairo Show then the Comedy Club, Breaktime Show and finally Offside. It’s a process that has taken about 7 years,” he admitted.

Well, I must say that he deserves the hot workout mate.

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Here’s the pic he posted on IG:


“Dat Pose After that workout session with my girl the one and only ever amazing Olyv Stone 👌💪👍👊. Next time I’m not coming..cant feel my body😂🤣😁”

Here are some more photos of Olyv:




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