Kayole Female Gangsters

Who is going to save our young girls and boys in Kayole and Dandora?

These future leaders have resorted to crime. They have decided to live by the gun and aren’t afraid to die by the gun.

Fierce city cops have of late been involved in a battle with thugs from Eastlands and it seems they are not ready to change.

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Everyday, Hessy and company take to social media to beg these notorious criminals to either reform or face the wrath but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Hessy wa Dandora who has won the hearts of many city residents for protecting them and trying to bring sanity to Eastlands estates, has unleashed a new list of notorious female gangsters.

As usual, he communicated to them via Facebook asking them to change.

“FEI aka Dadake Mbunge (fb name), NIKOL aka Nickx Palma (fb name) and PAM aka Onaya Pamxu Onaya (fb name): These are Usiku Sacco leaders and I understand they claim to be untouchables because people fear them. Let me tell you young girls, your days are numbered. You started robbing people like more than 5 years ago upto date you’re still in this illegal business.

Kama ni wizi wa kutumia bunduki mmejihusisha kwa mda mrefu sana na hakuna kitu mmefaidika hadi leo, nyumba za watu mmepora sana, am sure you’re well known by almost everyone in Eastlands of Nairobi especially pple u normally do your businesses with.

Your crime partners like Derrick, died after receiving a proper beating from an angry mob in Dandora phse 5, Matheri, Stevo, Kigan, Odhis, Ken, all shot dead by the police, your still not ready to change.

Nyinyi wasichana nyinyi, WACHANA NA HII TABIA YA WIZI, MTAKUFA BURE, coz hiyo mbogi yenu niko rada yake ile mbaya !!! Hapa Dandora tumekaa sana bila kuona maiti ya mwanamke Jambazi/ mwizi,chungeni sana isiwe nyinyi.”

Here are the photos of the three notorious female gangsters who are terrorizing city residents.

  1. Faith aka Dadake Mbunge

Kayole Female Gangsters

2. Pamela (Pam) aka Onaya Pamxu Onaya

Kayole Female Gangsters

3. Nicole aka Nickx Palma

Kayole Female Gangsters

“I want the Three(3) of you to pass ma msg to the following individuals, DIBORA, J-DEY, LAVINE, BILLO, OMONDI, MAKWARO, KANG’EDHE and ANODE: Tell them, i only mentioned their names but ma eyes are closely on them,” added Hessy. 

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Here is what some Facebook users had to say;

Fadhi: Hessy weka watu chini beautiful or handsome mkoraa ni mkoraa…don’t negotiate with criminals

Rodgers: Hessy kazi iendelee nimemiss kula sembe ya kuchimba kaburi. Nangoja photos zao wakiwa maiti

Nyangweso: Hessy nilikuambia kazi kwako acha kubembeleza punda kwa mteremko waonyeshe wajue hawajui.

The three have deactivated their Facebook accounts and gone into hiding.