Days after the fatal accident along Langata road involving a Mercedes Benz, another one took place in the wee hours of today morning along Waiyaki Way.

Hawkeyed photographer Moses Mwangi witnessed the accident.

He wrote on his social media,

“Witnessed a horrific accident early today morning around 5 A.M, a speeding Subaru Imprezza knocked down trees and then rolled and landed in a ditch along Waiyaki Way outside Lion Place.”


“Miraculously the driver escaped unhurt apart from a few injuries on the mouth and ears, he couldn’t believe it himself, he didn’t break any limbs.”

He continued, “The impact was so loud…That driver should thank God, the vehicle was a complete write-off.”

Moses advised, “Manze alcohol and vehicles are two enemies. Ukienda out wacha ndae home.”

Here are some reactions from online users who saw the photos of the wreckage.

One netizen observed, It’s not the car. It’s when God has not finished with you!”

One use exclaimed, “Hawa ni wale kamati ya “my car knows my home…🤔”

Another one revealed, “Something like this happened to me 6 years ago. I thank God.”

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