Lena and Moi
Lena and Moi

It is said that behind every successful man there must be a woman. For former president Daniel Arap Moi, that woman was Lena Moi.

However, Lena and Moi divorced in 1979.

In a past interview, Moi praised Lena for being the force behind his success.

“I owe her much of my success in the service of my people and my country. She has always been an encouraging factor in all aspects of my political life.”

Former President Daniel Moi and his late wife Lena Moi

Things you did not know about Lena, the only woman Moi ever loved

In 1967 Lena had ditched her job in order to become a housewife and take care of the kids.

In an interview in 1967, Lena said it was necessary that the children were cared for by their own mothers if they were to grow up mentally and physically healthy.

Veteran journalist Faraj Dumila, who conducted the interview, wrote that Lena enjoyed cooking for a husband.

“She is equally assiduous about looking after her husband, who enjoys her cooking and only eats outside the home when he has to.” 

Daniel Arap Moi and Lena had eight children, five sons and three daughters.

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