Tedd Josiah

Cases of women being tortured and brutally murdered have been rampant in the recent past.

From Sharon Otieno to Monica Nyawira Kimani, September has been a bad month and dark month. 

Kenyans have been left shocked and many are afraid that if something is not done, our ladies will continue dying under mysterious circumstances.

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legendary music producer Ted Josiah is among the parents who are protective of their children and he has for the first time spoken about the current murder cases.

The widower and father of one, who lost his wife last year, on September 30, has revealed that he will protect his daughter till the end and will only allow her to date after she hits 30.

Taking to Instagram he wrote;

just in case y’all forgot! This one is protected by Papa 👴🏾 bear 🐻 and God Himself….. #HRH Her Royal Highness #Empress #GummyBear 👑🐻🐾🐾🐾 will date after 30! And don’t argue with me this country is becoming too dangerous for our girls! LIVE 🦋 LOVE 💕 this one ain’t a laughing matter 💔.

Ted Josiah added:

men are supposed to be the protectors but I am seeing a type of man that I would not want near my children at all! A creepy, lustful, no God having man, whose only love is for self and money.

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mwangilucy Very very sad how our girls are dying like dogs surely. Sijui nani atakuja tetea haki za wanawake😢😢

oderavicky Sad sad sad that girls are dying daily

mumbigikonyo Ate 30? My son can’t wait that long am raising a gentleman. papa Bear will beg for him to marry HRH

yvoneojee Why do people kill… How do they feel after killing someone…. Men men men men men men…. What if it’s your sister, mother or wife… Imagine your children without a mom at a tender age because someone killed her…..imagine her being the breadwinner of her family the pillar of her home the hope of her parents think about what you want to do before you act

heathernancie Very dangerous. I fear for my daughter too

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