campus girls

So there is this campus lass you have been eyeing for sometime now. Finally you gather the guts to approach her and ask her out…… Hold your horses. Consider the list below as then make your move.

1. Drive.

It is impossible to date a campus girl if you have no car. She wants you to pull up at the hostel parking lot and hoot so everyone can look out their window and see her traipsing down the stairs and getting in your car. You also have to drop her back to campus. In fact, if  you have one of those cars that are really loud, even better. That will attract more attention.

Signs That A Campus Girl Has A Sugar Daddy

2. Take her somewhere really fancy.

You cannot, under whatever circumstances take her to a ‘chips and chicken’ joint. You need to take her somewhere really fancy. Somewhere with hot towels and not a sink with a kipande soap for washing your hands. Make sure it is a three to seven-course meal. And that place needs to have a powder room with wall-length mirrors. Somewhere she can take geo-tagged selfies, evidence to brag to her friends that she was really there. Try not to be surprised if she is unable to use a fork and knife.