So the Sarahah App is the latest trend across the world with people engaging in anonymous conversation on different social media platforms. It’s quite hard not to see these updates on your timeline.

Sarahah, which is an Arabic word meaning frankness or candour, was built by a Saudi programmer, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. The app was originally designed for use in the corporate workplace where employees can speak to their employers anonymously.


But of late, things have changed and things have started getting out of hand as people are taking advantage of the anonymity provided by the app to bully people.

During the Morning Kiss with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, Head of information Security Risk at Cellulant Group Bright Gameli and Digital Humanitarian Philip Ogola, explained the effects of using this app and the harm it can bring to people.

Bright stated that things can get really bad because you are dealing with social predators who are basically taking advantage of this platform to harm you mentally and emotionally.

He said, “The situation can get really bad, I mean really bad. I’m not saying people shouldn’t use it, but the original idea for this app was basically for organizations to research and act as a glass door, but now it became a personal thing because people are asking personal questions and it’s shocking that people you might think you know, you actually don’t even know them. People are actually conforming to this app and things can get really bad because there are social predators.”

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The use of the app might have been all fun and games at the beginning, but cyber bullies have found a platform where they can attack people anonymously.

Philip Ogola explained that people should be careful when using this app because someone has the database and they can choose to expose people.

I think this app gives you a false sense of anonymity. So people think they can talk about anything because no one will know who they are. BUT I would tell people to be very careful when using this app because someone somewhere has that database and there is no privacy.”

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