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Socialites and prostitutes are no longer making money compared to past years. Nowadays, women are hawking flesh online and all they need is a phonebook full of rich men’s contacts and they’re good to go.

‘I charge Sh50 to Sh100 to ferry a coffin to the mortuary,’ speaks man who enjoys carrying ‘dead bodies’ on his head

Early this week, MPs narrated how they have been cyberbullied by people sending them nude photos.  Garissa Town MP Adan Duale explained how a woman, believed to be from Dandora has been sending him and other MPs nude photos.

“Mr. Speaker, there’s a lady who has telephone numbers of all members of parliament in the 11 and current parliament. She sends the most obscene photos to all the lawmakers.

The question is how did this person manage to get all the telephone numbers of MPs? I’m told she leaves somewhere in Dandora. Mr. Speaker this is very very ugly. She sends dirty pics,” he said.

Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa also told the National Assembly that such has made them afraid of using their phones while with their colleagues or family members as the lady has been sending them her nude photos none stop.

“This matter is serious, as it has broken many families and must be brought to an end,” said Wamalwa.

Duale went ahead to ask the Speaker to allow them to report the matter to the police so that the lady can be arrested.

“Allow us to give out her number and record statement by police. We’re leaders and waiting for cybercrime bill to deal with these characters. it is going to solve a lot of problems,” he added.

MPs have become ‘an easy target’ and Duale revealed that there was another person who has been ‘disturbing’ them. He claims that there’s a pastor by the name Kemboi, who keeps on sending them religious messages and prayers. He urged his fellow lawmakers to at least be sending Kemboi something after he prays for them.

“There’s a good gentleman called Kemboi and he sends good messages. He will pray for you and after a few months, he will start asking for money. Kemboi deserves sadaka.”

The matter has been taken seriously and the Majority leader told MPs to unite so that the Cybercrime bill can be passed.

“Colleagues please for the sake of our nation, let us spend more time, we will introduce cybercrime bill next week for the second reaading.  Let us contribute. LET US MAKE SURE WE put the relevant laws to protect our privacy, national security and what goes on within the usage of technology; handsets and computers.”

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Their sentiments were echoed by Speaker Justin Muturi and he said:

“This matter is very serious and cannot be taken lightly and the Committee of National Administration and Security should deal with it.”

Below is the full video, watch it