Earlier on today, award-winning boy band Sauti Sol dropped by Kiss FM for an interview. I was honored to have a catch-up interview with them for Mpasho TV. First of all, I would like to say that I am proud of these guys. They may have failed to bring home the BET Award or MTV MAMAs awards, but they have really done us proud.

A Prophet Is Never Recognized In His Own Home: Rwandese Sauti Sol Fan Awards Them With Gift As Kenyans Gift Them Instagram Likes (PHOTO)

They were the only Kenyan band that entertained President Barack Obama when he visited Kenya for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) last weekend at State House. They got him dancing to the Lipala rhythm.

Sauti Sol when they stopped by for an interview.

Soon after, they were all over the internet, being profiled by top international publications.

Some of the top brands that took up their amazing story included E! Online, Vanity Fair, People, BBC World News, Jezebel, CBS News, Mirror UK, Sky News among others.

There was a publication by Nation, mocking Sauti Sol for failing to bring the BET and MTV MAMAs Awards home.

“I just want him to write a follow-up on his article after that; like to you, writer, ‘reporter’, please…go write a follow-up article of what Sauti Sol has done after this,” said Bien.

This was NOT the end.

“If you are a true writer…if you write about the negative of what you think, pia andika the positive of what you think…if you are a true writer,” dared Mudigi.

As if not enough, Polycarp had this lesson to teach the anonymous journalist:

“As a journalist, what you feed the people is what they get. If everything is negative, that’s what the people get.”

To be fair enough, this is a mature, rational response from these guys. Despite having made U.S. President Barack Obama get down, they are still sane and got their eyes on the real goal they want to achieve.

“I think in general in as much as you are good in highlighting the negative, you must (also) be good at highlighting the positive. So, let’s see how you do with the positive,” added Chimano.

The group has an upcoming album dubbed “Live And Die In Afrika.”

Watch the video below: