We all have those slow days when the only thing we want to do is to watch paint dry. You know those days when your brain has switched off? Aye, those are the ones. And today it would seem the entire staff at Nation Daily are having such a day but I can’t even blame them. Why? Well, most people have switched their minds onto holiday mode.


meme-I Aint Even Mad


And the problems have all stemmed from this:


But to be honest, I think the team at Daily Nation might be onto something. Given the fact that the Security Bill was passed, perhaps it’s time we relegate politics and politricks to the dumpster. But back to what tweeps are saying:


Today’s headline though… Hapa ndio maisha imefikisha @dailynation ? http://t.co/0Yc8xIGyvW


The headline on today’s @dailynation though… really?!? #facepalm

Meanwhile, I am sitting here like…