Jowie and Jacque Maribe's dad

Media personality Jacque Maribe is toying around with the idea of plunging into politics.

She talked about this during an Instagram live session with Mista Dru on his VIP Room show.

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Asked if she is thinking of running for a political post in Muranga come 2022, Jacque said,

“It is an opportunity. Given the opportunity, why not.”

She added,

“I have not ruled it out but what I’m saying is, I have not [officially] declared it. I’m receiving alot of messages with people asking if I will run. The proper response from me is, ‘See you at the finish line!’.”

Maribe explained,

“Sometimes you are sent for people to push you in the right direction. You never know.”

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She will not be the only one with political ambitions. Back in 2007, Her father, Maribe Mwangi, contested for the Kiharu parliamentary seat but lost. Twice.

Guess third time is a charm for the Maribe clan. That is if she runs for an elective post.

His slogan was “Work for the people!”

Last year, Dennis Itumbi who is her BFF penned a birthday poem for her where he described her as a “Fire on top of a mountain”.


“Living life, courageously, powerfully and unapologetically
A Fire that refines your ore into Gold.
A Golden friend.
A Golden mum
A Golden trailblazer…”

Powerful words she should incorporate in her campaign slogan.

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