Daddy Owen
With his wife on their wedding day

Gospel artiste Daddy Owen and his wife Farida welcomed their son a month ago. Fatherhood seems to be making him a happy man. In his recent pictures on social media, the man can’t seem to stop smiling.

Speaking to Mpasho, Owen said he nearly lost his son.

Fatherhood is and has always been amazing and I thank God for that. The biggest challenge was after the last check with the doctor, [just] before booking the hospital for delivery. The doctor told us to go for a scan because my wife said she was in pain, yaani kama labor pain, yet her due date was not near.


When the doctor tells you to come for a scan, it is always a red flag. For Daddy Owen and Farida the result was shocking and his wife had to undergo an emergency cesarean section.

We went for the scan and the scan showed that the cord was around the baby’s neck… Thank God my late dad told me that pregnancy matters need to be planned for in advance, so I was ready financially. Farida was forced to go through emergency delivery five weeks before her due date.

The doctor told the couple there was a possibility of losing the baby.

The doctor said for a very long time he has had such cases, and those kids ended up dying. I was so stressed about losing my son. I decided to ask the doctor what the reason could be, and he said there is no documented reason.

Daddy Owen chose to be different and so he was there to hold his wife’s hand through the distressing moment. He even encourages men to support their women during childbirth and afterward.

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“Once you have your wife in the delivery room, you appreciate your parents even more for the effort they put on you and for lack of sleep. You must be there during the day and even at night to support your wife, otherwise, she might end up in depression.”

Depression comes in many ways especially when the baby is crying. The mothers usually try everything but the baby is still crying. That can lead to post-partum depression.

Sometimes the baby might just be requiring a new environment which you, as a man, are capable [of providing]. Give her the confidence and assure her that you are with her all through.

Daddy Owen actually said that he takes shifts with his wife when it comes to taking care of their baby and he loves it.

The unique thing about the day Daddy Owen’s son was born is that it Olympian Julius Yego also had a child on that very day.

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