Daddy Owen. photo credit: Instagram/Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen is one of the most affable celebs you will ever meet. Easy to talk to and rarely ever in scandal. Last week the gospel musician was tested by a variety of life-changing events in his life.

The “Wewe ni Mungu” musician was blessed with a son last week but he also had some serious misfortune befall him and his wife.

Daddy Owen
With his wife on their wedding day

His wife’s brother passed on last week. He wrote on his Instagram page:

Peter.. RIP bro.. This is really hard, no one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like a swift wind. However, we take comfort in knowing that he is now resting in the arms of our Lord. Guys pray for us more so for my wife Farida.. losing a brother or any family member is not easy #RIPBro.

We spoke to Daddy Owen this week and he explained how the birth and loss has induced a complex set of emotions in him.

Daddy Owen

Also he gave us at the name of his son. He revealed:

The name of my son is Kylian Mwatia Owen.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen’s new born

Guess who he this name was inspired by? Daddy Owens own father and the famous French footballer Kylian .

Kylian Mbappe
Kylian Mbappe

He also disclosed how tough it was to lose a life and gain one in the span of days. He said:

It is really hard. Because right now guys don’t know if they should send messages of condolences or congratulations. It is really confusing.

But the musician is still going strong being the rock that his family needs at this very trying of times. The audio of the call is below:

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