Jalang’o is the true testament to “hard work pays”. He has risen up the ranks to become the most sought-after MC in the East African region.Jalang'o

Born in a humble background, Jalang’o, whose real name is Felix Odiwourdid not have an easy life growing up. His father struggled to take him to high school after he scored 442 marks in KCPE.

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Recently, while giving a talk to form four candidates at a Maseno school, Jalang’o narrated how he missed his dream school because of poverty.

“When I sat for my KCPE I got a chance at Maseno school by luck because with 442 Marks I think I was lucky…I was soo happy just like everyone because a chance at Maseno school was all you needed! This dream was not to be! School fees was nowhere!”


My dad ( God Rest his soul in peace) organised several fund drives and by the time he was getting the money, I was two weeks late from reporting day

The comedian cum presenter talked about how his late hard-working father tried to plead with the school principal to let him study but in vain. They were later sent out of the school.

My chance was gone! We walked with my dad out of the school after hours of pleading to be allowed in, the principal refused! I had never seen my dad cry but that day we cried together! We walked to the main road got in a Marathi and went home!

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He went ahead to narrate how he was forced to join Baraka Nyange Secondary School while wearing a Maseno School uniform because they couldn’t afford fees to his dream school.

I later joined form one in a different school but with Maseno school uniform because my old man could not afford another pair! So for the whole of form one I was in a different uniform in a different school…

He added that said Jalang’o was later transferred to Nyang’oma Boys High School where his father used to pay school fees using maize.

At Nyang’oma Boys, we only saw a Bunsen burner at the exam room but we manged to sit for the exam.

Jalang’o’s story has inspired many and he’s the highest earning comedian in the country. He is a voice-over artist, radio/TV presenter and brand ambassador for several local brands. Below are comments from Kenyans:

jemoo4546 Jalas am your silent fun and I love your courage of doing things. Big up bro
kizaali🙏🙏🙏 well done bro
thomme_254 Amazing
odiaga_clarence Success comes from anywhere what matters most is hardwork ,Congrats Jalas
mteuleyuleben And there you are woow waswahili husema Mungu tuu….
gilbertagenga Thanks for that powerful encouragement my guy,the same thing happened to me my guy its always good to remember Jalas my man
raphblue #Itslife we never have to give up
dvnatorquiz God always has a reason to everything that happens Jalas
hassandrake Anywhere I here @jalangoo ‘s voice I know its something great whether jokes or serious. I admire you, my mentor!!
denismwongera Jalas you life is pure insipriration
nelly_nyargi_dave Indeed God work in a miraculous way
shanique_ruddy So proud of you jalas.
carolcaroline758 But today you are better than most of their alumnus mbona hawakuita hao wao but sad but again happy God wins
jaymo_alfayo Heavy J baba nice one
teddy_k_ musicWhen he said he will prepare a table before your enemies he truly do it…a miracle worker God..you are blessed sir

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