Mercy Kyallo

Mercy Kyallo said that despite her parents being separated, she keeps in touch with her dad. Her parents parted when she was only 10.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, she said

‘My dad went abroad to look for greener pastures.

That is when they parted,we struggled for a while but I thank God because he has sustained us.

My dad is still alive and I still talk to him despite he and my mum breaking up.’

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Mercy and Betty Kyallo
Sisters Mercy and Betty Kyallo

Mercy’s dad is of Luhya heritage while her mother is a Kamba. She is sister to media personality Betty Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo.

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Speaking on how having a famous sister has helped her, Mercy said

‘Betty has contributed so much to my fame in business, When I was fired from my job I stayed home for two months.

I had so many thoughts.

By that time I had a partner who was so encouraging during that tough period.’

She is the founder of Yallo leather, a company that provides all things leather wallets, handbags, belts etc.

Unlike most people she is not just riding on her sisters fame.

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