KIng Kaka

Kennedy Ombima commonly know as King Kaka is a famous Kenyan rapper and daddy.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, he revealed that he no longer lectures in Uni. It took too much of his time, but he didn’t completely stop teaching he currently running a mentorship program in entrepreneurship and music.

“It took too much of my time but am doing mentorship sessions with young people across the country in different platforms. Recently, I was in Zetech College, Lodwar and Kisumu. I Am planning to do more this coming January.”

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While he was lecturing, obviously, he must have had a couple of crazy daring students. He told Mpasho the craziest thing a student has ever told him is;

“They would like to date me and my response was ‘respect your teacher’.”

He also talked about the legacy he would like to live behind. He said;

“There is room for unity, we can learn from each other. We have so much power that we can lend to others. So thats my legacy, thats what I want to leave. Its not about me its about creating a module that people can emulate for example King Kaka decided to start his empire not for himself but working with others so that they can realize their dreams.”

King Kaka has two baby mamas – and three kids, the first one is with fellow female entertainer Chemutai Sage aka SAGE and Nana Owiti with whom they have two children.

Balancing work and being a father has not been easy but he manages.


“There is so much time. how you regulate your time matters. You know its family time and its time to work.”

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The name of his new baby is Iroma meaning ‘Umenitosha’. He said that his daughter Gwyneth is more than excited to have a new sibling.

He also helps his wife at home with the new baby, he said;


“Every time am at home, its baby time and changing the nappies and pampers. I have to be a father as much as i am a king out there. In fact, I taught my wife how to change nappies and pampers.”

He is not planning to have any more children. He said;

“I am at my final”

There are Slay queens out there who don’t want to get kids, here is King Kakas advise to them;

“Having a child is a feeling that you cant explain.”

His Christmas plans is to do gigs and spend more time with his family.

He has dropped a new hot song Cheza Chini featuring the legendary group Necessary Noize (Wyre and Nazizi)

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