A middle-aged man who told a Nyahururu court that he is too addicted to quit smoking bhang has been slapped with a Sh15, 000 fine.

Daniel Kamau Njoroge who pleaded guilty to being in possession of one roll of the narcotic substance told Nyahururu Chief Magistrate, Judith Wanjala, that he was not ready to stop using the drug claiming it was introduced to him by his late father when he was a child.

“It has become difficult for me to stop using the drug which was introduced to me by my father when I was a child. I suffer severe headaches, whenever I stop smoking it,” he said.

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Weed meme
Weed meme. photo credit: pinterest

Njoroge, who will serve a two-month jail term in default, had been charged that on January 5, 2020, at Kitengo village in Laikipia County, he was found in possession of 200 milligrams of bhang by police officers.

The Court was told that on encountering with the police who were on patrol that evening, the accused behaved in a manner that made them suspicious and after conducting a search he was found with the illegal drug which was presented as evidence.

Use of marijuana and other drugs has been an issue affecting youth for over several years in the region.

Meanwhile, a 40-year-old woman who confessed to smoking bhang regularly as a stimulant has been ordered by a Chuka Court to pay the State a Sh50, 000 fine or in default serve two years imprisonment.

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Grace Wanjaga pleaded guilty to the charge of being found in possession of cannabis Sativa in contravention of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances law when she appeared before Chuka Resident Magistrate John Njoroge.

The accused committed the offence on Monday 6, January 2020 at her home in Magutuni location where police and the area chief who were on regular patrol found her in possession of 30 rolls of bhang.

Her pleas to the court that she uses the drug as a stress reliever did not deter the magistrate from handing her the sentence of a fine failing which she will serve two years in jail.

Wanjaga did not raise the fine and was taken to Meru GK prison to begin serving her sentence.

KNA by Paul Wekesa/Anne Sabuni/Sarafina Mutabari/David Mutwiri