Cyprian Nyakundi
Cyprian Nyakundi. photo credit: instagram/c_nyakundih

Maybe it is due to the fact that it is Njaanuary of perhaps the teachings of Cyprian is Nyakundi have finally begun to sink into many a thick skull -it isn’t worth it to go broke trying to impress or bail some of these young nubile lasses.

Whatever the case may be, I was recently trawling the interwebs for a story to tell when I came across these rather interesting screenshots of conversations between lasses asking for soft loans in the hard month of January that I found both hilarious and insightful.

Insightful because of just how much they were exposing an entitlement issue among Kenyan Nairobi lasses but also because it shows that finally, these lads are thinking with the right organ.

Check out the hilarity in the screenshots: