Emmy Kosgei
Emmy Kosgei with her husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko

Cyprian Nyakundi has gone after both Nigerians and Emmy Kosgei. I will share the open letter he wrote to Kenyan men and women using Emmy Kosgei’s example:

Daddy Issues: Emmy Kosgei And Her Guka Hubby

In a world full of eligible men, it is baffling to see one of the country’s “top” Gospel artists fly all the way to fuckin Nigeria in search of a man. Despite all the glitz and glamour in their entertainment scene, Nigeria is a fucked-up country.

Nigeria has perennial power and fuel shortages, despite being an oil-producer. Because they’re unable to to pursue for accountability from their politicians, their country looks like one big dumpsite.

Nigerians are also conmen. Any Nigerian you meet will most likely lie to you. It’s wired in their genes. They’re liars and conmen. So it’s quite baffling to see that our best, is dumb enough to fall for cheap AfroSinema theatrics.

You can read the rest here.