cyprian nyakundi

Over the weekend, Cyprian Nyakundi launched a scathing personal attack on Adelle after she gave -by his own admission- a powerful speech about rape culture.


Adelle responded with a post about rape culture that has since gone viral. And Janet Mbugua got into the fray with a post targeted at Cyprian Nyakundi that supported Adelle Onyango.

Janet Mbugua rocking booty shorts

But it would seem like Cyprian Nyakundi is undeterred. he doubled down on his statements and even said he feels like he is the victim of feminazis. Whatever you feel about his trolling is irrelevant. I am simply sharing what it was that he’s said. And what that was going, was alittle something like this:

“For instance, Nyakundi is a victim of feminist-rage, yet the truth is that today, no woman has gotten her corporate job in Nairobi through merit. It is common knowledge that many have had to part with sexual enticements, in-order to achieve the “success” they brag about today. Because that form of sexual-abuse is “acceptable” , hypocritical feminists will choose to give it a wide-berth, and focus on the aggregated presumption that all “Men Are Trash”.

Cyprian Nyakundi sitting in the docks
Cyprian Nyakundi in court for the mentioning of his case

“You see, for as long as you’re not parting with financial recompense, you are trash to women. Well the reality is that yes, we men have standards too! We can tell ugly women, gold-diggers, high body-count, sluts, but most of all, we can see through the veil of feminism abused by Nairobi women, as a tool for social and financial progression. It’s these women who have nothing to offer society, that have fallen back to feminine-activism as a default for seeking relevance and attention,”