cyprian nyakundi

Cyprian Nyakundi, Kenya’s resident rabble rouser on those damned interweb streets might have bitten off more than he can chew.

We are all familiar with the fact that he writes what he feels and thinks -damned be the consequences- but sometimes he goes too far. And this time, he went too far and has been bitten.

Miaka Hiyo Yote na Hakuwa Ameolewa?! Popular Blogger ATTACKS Grace Makosewe For RECKLESS Drinking

He went after Safaricom and now that the heat is too much, he has opted to get out of the kitchen Literally!

Justice Mwihaki Njuguna has issued a warrant for Nyakundi’s arrest after he kept ducking summons to appear in court.

Cyprian was found to have been in contempt of court in December 2016 and has continued (with gusto I imagine) to disrespect the court. He had been meant to appear in court today for mitigation and sentencing but he bailed.

Keep it Mpasho for more as the situation unfolds.