Citizen TV’s New anchor and Kenya’s on screen darling, Janet Mbugua is loved by all and fans gravitate towards her because of her effortless charisma.

Yaani, everyone and their mothers loves Janet. Now, you will love her even more when you see how she spent her Saturday with her family.

Janet is married to Eddie Ndichu and together they were blessed with Baby Huru.

The TV screen siren has earned so much respect with the Kenyan masses for her position as a credible and positive role model as well as taking up a role as an advocate for mothers.

Just recently, she held a tweet chat with mother who has lost their children where she encouraged them and told they they are still mothers.

In her weekly commentary on her blog, Janet wrote, “There’s concerns over how the news is broken to them, with Wanjiru telling me that nurses in certain hospitals in Kenya very matter-of-factly relay the news that one’s little angel is no more. On top of that, there’s no psycho-social support offered in these hospitals so a mother is left to deal with the loss the best way she knows how. This is unfair and shouldn’t be the case.

Can we all rise and stand with these women? Stand with their partners and their support groups to offer our encouragement and let them know they are still mums?”

Janet also has upcoming campaigns that will be unveiled soon that carry a positive message. One of the projects will feature Kiss FM’s breakfast show presenter, Adelle Onyango, who is also a social activist and advocate of women rights.

Many media personalities should emulate her shinning example.

Today, as a family unit, they stepped out in style.

“I wouldn’t want the month to start any other way. Wishing all of you love, blessings and favour this October.”

Janet wrote, posting the beautiful family photo below.

Janet mbugua