Jaguar Celina
The blessed man

Jaguar is one of the wealthiest celebrities around but you already knew that. What you might not already know is that he has a son. A rather cute little boy with the face of an angel (I do not know but I think I have that statement wrong -but it’ll have to do).


Another reason people know Jaguar is because of his long-running feud with Prezzo but I only want to talk about the positivity. And nothing is more positive than the innocent energy children embody.

Jaguar was hanging out with his toto and the pair of them looked so cute together that I knew I would be remiss not to share this photo with the masses if only to inject some level of positivity into your day.

And I guarantee you will not feel “wasted”.In the photo, Jaguar is in a v-neck white tee (he seems to really love the simplicity of white tees) and he’s on the phone and we get to catch a glimpse of his gold rolex as his son who is in a jeans shirt is staring at something off camera.

Check out this cute pair below:

Jaguar with his son

This is just the cutest photo I have seen all day long.