Bridget Aachieng

Bridget Achieng, one of the most spoken about cast members of the popular reality show Nairobi D and with good reason.

She is not only loud and outspoken but isn’t averse to getting involved in a fight or two even though the last fight she was involved in ended in disaster for her.

Nairobi Diaries Most Violent Fight EVER Exposes Bridget’s Breasts!

But not one to dwell on negativity or let such trivial matters hold her back, Bridget has been busy living her life. And you have to admire her go-getter attitude because it has seen her travel to Lagos on business.

She is currently in Gidi slaying and good lord knows she looks fine. But I can’t help but think backk to how she said all these girls make money from sponsors when they travel abroad…

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Food for thought? I will reach out to her one she returns to find out what she was doing in Lagos. For now, check out how she has been slaying below:

Issa problem everywhere in lasgidi ??????

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bridget achieng in lagos2

bridget achieng in lagos1

bridget achieng in lagos