August Death

August has always been a dark month in the lives of many. During this month, many have lost their lives and others lost loved ones. Does it mean that this is the cursed month?

Well, in Kenya, we have many heroes and legends who died during this month and also several celebrities have lost their loved as well. Below is a list of celebrities whom we lost during the month of August, go through

1. Michael Kijana Wamalwa

He died on the morning of 23 August 2003, after representing Kenya at an International Labour Organisation summit in Geneva. Wamalwa died just months after their glamorous wedding and was later given a state burial at his farm in Kitale. He was the Vice President of Kenya when he died. Wamalwa was 58years old.

Kijana Wamalwa

2. Jomo Kenyatta

The first president of Kenya, he passed away on 22 August 1978 in Mombasa and his death was attributed to old age. He was buried on 31 August 1978 in Nairobi in a state funeral at a mausoleum on Parliament grounds. Jomo Kenyatta died at the age of 86.
Jomo Kenyatta