Grace Ekirapa

Behind many successes is almost always a great story bourne out of struggle and suffering. Many of the celebs we see on our screens and admire/envy have had tough childhoods.


Willy Paul vs Bahati

Bahati grew up as an orphan before his big break while Mark Masai had to work as a matatu conductor before we could see him anchoring the news on NTV.


Mark Masai

Another television personality that had it rough before she made it is Crossover 101 TV co-host Grace Ekirapa. She even wrote earlier this year about her experiences:

I get on my knees every time I remember what my story was a few years ago. The days i survived by having a packet of milk and mandazi for supper and then slept waiting for the next day. The days I went through my phone book a hundred times looking for whom to call just to ask for bus fare to school. The times when the month would come to an end and I would sit wondering where rent was going to come from. The years I survived on the same clothes and shoes because I could not afford to buy even a new pair of sandals. Now I break at His goodness. I celebrate when I head to the shop to buy more than one packet of milk. Now I rejoice when I can get into a matatu and pay fare then receive change eeiii!!’

DJ MO and Grace Ekirapa

And one of those people who shaped the host into the steely and determined character that she was her mother who died 18 years ago.

Grace Ekirapa's mother
Grace Ekirapa’s mother

Grace Ekirapa remembered her in a post on her Instagram page. She wrote:

I’ve always known me to be strong but this time I will just swim in my tears because of the void I feel without you around Mama. 18years today and it still feels like yesterday. I refuse to be strong just for today. I miss you soo much 💔.

Grace Ekirapa

I think anyone who has had a wonderful loving mother can relate to what she wrote above. I know I can.

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