Cops seek to detain Salim Swaleh and 5 others


• In a miscellaneous application filed by Inspector Nicholas Njoroge, he states that the respondents were arrested on June 23, in the Prime Cabinet Secretary's office on suspicion of having committed various offences.

Salim Swaleh
Image: Mpasho

Police are seeking to detain Salim Swaleh, the press secretary of Prime CS Musalia Mudavadi, along with five others in connection with an alleged extortion case.

The Director of Criminal Investigations has filed a miscellaneous application in the Milimani court to hold Swaleh and his co-accused for 14 days pending further investigations.

Inspector Nicholas Njoroge, in the application, states that the suspects were apprehended on June 23 at the Prime Cabinet Secretary's office on suspicion of various offenses.

These include conspiracy to commit a felony under section 293 of the Penal Code, attempt to obtain money by false pretense as per sections 313 and 399 of the Penal Code, personation of a public servant under section 105(b) of the Penal Code, and abuse of office.

The individuals implicated alongside Swaleh are Otieno Japolo Michael, Terry Kemunto Sese, Daniel Omondi Gogo, John Musundi Wabomba, and James William Mokoha.

According to the application, the complainants, who are foreigners from Dubai and South Africa, were allegedly enticed to Kenya under false pretenses related to securing a contract to construct two stadiums for the AFCON 2027 games.

"The respondents were apprehended in Swaleh's office, where it is alleged that they deceived the complainants into believing they would meet with government officials from the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, as well as members of parliament's budget and sports committees," the application reads.

The application further alleges that upon entry into Swaleh's office, Japolo posed as the chairman of the government delivery unit, based at the Prime CS's office, offering to expedite the tender process for the foreigners.

"The complainants were required to pay a registration fee of USD 45,000 (equivalent to Sh5,850,000) to secure the tender," the police stated in their application, adding that the suspects breached security protocols by gaining access to the Prime CS's office without an appointment.

The officer stressed the complexity of the investigation involving foreign nationals and diplomatic protocols, necessitating sufficient time to gather evidence and record statements.

"The respondents pose a risk of interfering with ongoing investigations if released," the officer asserted, requesting the court to grant a custodial order to detain the suspects at Capitol Hill police station for 14 working days.

Swaleh is yet to be formally charged in court.

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