Nakuru couple found living with sister's decomposing corpse

• The 60-year-old lady had died 3 weeks ago and the family had been searching for her in vain.


Detectives from the DCI in Nakuru County have initiated an investigation into a shocking incident where a married couple was found living with the corpse of their sister, who is presumed to have died three weeks ago.

The couple, currently in police custody, is reported to have been residing with the deceased in Nakuru East without notifying anyone about the death of their loved one.

According to reports on Citizen TV, the lady was last seen alive at the end of January before her family learned of her controversial death.

The couple has allegedly kept the body of their 60-year-old sister for three weeks while the family searched for her in vain.

"We arrived at 6 am, knocked on the door, and called, but they delayed opening for about 40 minutes. After entering, his wife told us to pray first before seeing our sister," said one of the family members.

Upon entering to see their loved one, they were shocked to find the woman's body, which the report said had started decomposing and was stored in the bedroom.

The deceased's son who witnessed the body, stated:

"The corpse had started decomposing, about three weeks or so. I don't know who removed the cloth covering her, aah, we found our mother, and her head had become a skull. We shouted, and then I asked my cousin if you can kill my mother, he told me not to worry; she will resurrect."

After the commotion, security officers rushed in to rescue the man from the angry crowd.

East Nakuru Police Commander Mohammed Wako confirmed the arrest of the two individuals, stating that they were taken into custody for further investigation to determine why they had kept the body for an extended period without reporting it or taking it to the morgue.

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