Juja man kills estranged wife as shocked mob watches


• Residents say the two had domestic differences, had been separated for some time


A man allegedly pursued and brutally attacked his estranged wife in the Mirimaini area of Juja, Kiambu County, while a helpless crowd looked on.

"He then pulled out a knife and a machete he was carrying in a bag and began stabbing her in the neck," witnesses reported.

Despite her attempts to seek refuge and scream for help at a friend’s house, she was overpowered, and part of her throat was cut during the relentless attack.

The assailant pursued her to the house, locked it, and continued the assault.

"When neighbors intervened, it was too late as the suspect attempted to kill himself," said the police.

The man was arrested by residents and police, rushed to the hospital, and found writhing in pain after stabbing himself in the stomach and chest.

"We are investigating the matter to know more. Unfortunately, it happened," commented Kiambu police commander Michael Muchiri, stating that the motive is yet to be established.

Residents revealed that the couple had domestic differences and had been separated for some time.

This incident adds to the growing concerns about increased cases of murder in the country, with claims that most of the victims are female.

In response, the police have established a squad to address these incidents, with up to 30 murders of women recorded in the past two months alone. Some cases are under investigation, while others are already in court.

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