Monica Kimani's family finally opens up after Jowie Irungu guilty verdict

• 5 years ago, Jowie's mother had also revealed what she thought were her son to be found guilty. 

Monica Kimani
Image: Instagram

The family of the late Monica Kimani has ended their silence following the High Court's verdict on Friday, which found Joseph Irungu, also known as Jowie, guilty of murder and acquitted former TV personality Jacque Maribe.

Expressing relief, the family acknowledged that justice has been a prolonged wait for the deceased, who was brutally murdered shortly after arriving in the country.

"We're relieved as a family that at least we're coming to the final part of this long journey because it has been a bit overwhelming. As a family, we have gone through a lot," said Monica's brother, George Kimani, in an interview with Citizen TV after the ruling.

"We have waited for this judgment for a long time because it has been postponed over three times. So, I was happy that we had to settle it today," he added.

George further clarified that his parents, who were not present in the courtroom during Lady Justice Grace Nzioka's reading of the ruling, were content with the verdict.

"It’s sad that he (father) wasn’t around, but he was happy that we're coming to the final stages of the case. Mum was also at home, and we informed her later then went to see her and spent the whole afternoon at home," explained George.

What Jowie's mother said 5 years ago if her son was found guilty

In an exclusive interview with NTV five years ago, Jowie's mother expressed empathy for Monica's parents, acknowledging the pain they were going through.

She offered an apology to Monica's family in case her son was found guilty of the crime. She said, "I feel the pain of losing a child.

But what puzzles me is whether my son did it. I ask myself that question. I ask God to unfold the truth so that I can heal because I am going through so much pain."

During the interview, Jowie's family portrayed him as a Christian who loved the Church. His father revealed that Jowie had been a choir member during his upbringing.

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