Watch: Victor Kanyari finally in same room with John Matara


• Matara is the prime suspect in the murder of Kanyari's late younger sister, Scarlet Wahu.

John Matara vs Victor Kanyari
Image: Courtesy

Pastor Victor Kanyari met the main suspect in the murder of his sister, Starlet Wahu, for the first time.

They encountered each other under tense circumstances at Milimani Court on Friday, where Matara was being charged with the murder of the socialite Wahu after the completion of the investigation.

However, Matara, who appeared well-groomed in a black suit and neatly combed hair, denied the charges against him, arguing that he was not responsible for the brutal death of Pastor Kanyari's sister.

The government's prosecution sought to deny the suspect bail. Throughout the trial, Matara, dressed immaculately, appeared anxious as the charges were read.

In the video, on the other hand, Pastor Kanyari, who was closely following the case, was seen facing Matara directly.

The court set a new date, February 26, for the next hearing to determine John Matara's fate.

Watch this video here showing how Matara came face to face with Pastor Kanyari, the brother of the late Wahu.

These charges follow 28 days of detainment, as the Directorate of Criminal Proceedings concluded its investigations.

Last week, the State obtained orders to extend his detention by seven days, which expired on the day of the court hearing.

The extension was sought to cover additional areas of investigation as requested by the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions before charging Matara.

Wahu's lifeless body was discovered on January 3, 2024, in a short-term rental in South B, where she had checked in with Matara.

A post-mortem examination revealed she had been strangled, and a deep-cut wound on her thigh had severed a vein, leading to a substantial loss of blood that ultimately claimed her life.

The accused was apprehended the following day at Mbagathi Hospital, seeking treatment for an injury believed to have occurred during a confrontation with Wahu at the apartment.

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