'Naked' Kenyan man kills delivery truck driver in Texas,USA

• His bond has been set at USD 312,000 (approx. Ksh.50.4 million).


Kenyan man kills driver in Texas

A 27-year-old Kenyan man identified as Chrisantus Omondi is currently being held by police in Fort Worth, Texas.

This was after he was reported to have killed a delivery truck driver by repeatedly striking him on the head with firewood.

Chrisantus Omondi was arrested on the night of January 13, 2024 after a local resident informed police about the presence of a lifeless body in the front yard of his residence on Wendover Drive in Fort Worth.

The individual who contacted the authorities had hired the deceased, identified as Scott Jackson, to deliver firewood to his residence when a naked Omondi unexpectedly charged at the pair, claiming that they had trespassed on his premises.

"This is my house, I have the key right here," Omondi said as quoted by media house CBS.

Jackson and the homeowner instructed Omondi to leave but he reportedly grabbed a piece of firewood and hit the delivery man on the head, knocking him out in the process.

The suspect then turned his attention to the homeowner, striking him on the head and forcing the man to run to his house for safety.

The homeowner subsequently called 911 and reported the incident.

While he was on the phone with police, Omondi continued his attack on Scott, repeatedly striking him on the head before heading to an Airbnb he had reportedly rented in the neighborhood.

When police arrived at the Airbnb, Omondi is said to have been uncooperative forcing the officers to use a stun gun to contain him before detaining and ferrying him to a local hospital for evaluation.

Omondi is set to be charged with murder, aggravated assault against a security officer, and obstruction of justice.

His bond has been set at USD 312,000 (approx. Ksh.50.4 million).

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