Quick burial of Pst Kanyari's late sister Starlet Wahu causes furious debate

• The socialite's body was discovered at a rental apartment  in South B Airbnb on Thursday morning and was buried at her parent's home in Kamulu on Saturday.

Photos of Pastor Kanyari’s sister who was murdered in South B

Kenyans were stunned yesterday when they learnt about the brutal murder of Pastor Victor Kanyari's younger sister, Starlet Wahu.

The news spread like wildfire on the interwebs with many wondering the inside details behind the tragic death.

Following a disastrous date in the South B neighbourhood of Nairobi, the aspiring socialite was allegedly killed by a man going by the name of John Matara.

Police have revealed CCTV footage showing the curvy Starlet with Matara, who was dressed in tan khaki trousers, a blue denim shirt with sleeves, and brown shoes.

For her part, 24-year-old Wahu wore a short red dress, and black heels and topped off the look with a short denim coat.

As they waited for the elevator to take them to the rental apartment, the two were observed chatting briefly, as the man scrolled on his phone.

The primary suspect in the homicide is being held at the Industrial Police station while investigations are being conducted by the police.

An HIV test kit, a used condom, and the suspected murder weapon—a knife—were found at the scene of the crime.

But while the motive behind the murder and what took place is still being looked into, some Kenyans are wondering why Wahu was buried so quickly.

Reports online state that the socialite was buried yesterday, with the murder happening barely 3 days prior, which is odd among the Kikuyu community (Which Wahu was a member of) and not after a week as is commonplace.

One Twitter bigwig called Omwamba even pointed out the interesting twist in one of his tweets, which is below;

"Finally, There is one thing I don't understand about the murder of Starlet Wahu. Starlet Wahu was killed on Wednesday Allegedly by John Matara, Her body was found on Thursday and she was buried today. Why was Starlet Wahu buried in less than 72 hours? What was the hurry for???"

Read some of the comments from Kenyans who had their own theories on why this had been the case;

Draw punter FT X@drawbarbie· maybe the body wasn't in good shape

9.5KArch Libwege@ArchLibwege·Did the police ok the burial

BiG Country ®@_BASTONi Ama labda familia haitaki media and public scrutiny judging by the lifestyle she led and her character Wameona heri alale vile atalala

Achebe..@Achebe_Waweru Because keeping the body is outdated and is mainly done by the poor who have to fundraise, etc. Unless there is something like need for autopsy, etc, I believe this is the way to go. Africans really like complicating things that needs no complication

Joe Ken@mmdlv2010· She's dead for crying out loud. Alikuwa awekwe afufuke? The family decision was brilliant considering the circumstances surrounding her death. Tommorow she won't be trending. Her and social media kaput!

Odi Wa Mùrang'a@PaulWaraho Now suppose she's your sister? Would stay with her being talk of the town? Under which circumstances did she die. Let them clear the picture and forge ahead. Then follow the case.

Nelson Ruto@NelsonRuto· Possibly Cultural or religious reasons may call for burial within a certain time frame. Some traditions prescribe burial within 24-48 hours of death. Authorities may have been respecting her family's wishes.

Benson Musembi ( The Urban CEO)@BensonM37057353· My question too. It's so alarming to learn of such incident and realize she was buried so fast.

May she rest in peace.

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